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Managing the interface: sexual orientation and faith Guidance for further and higher education 2010
12 Steps Guidance to Advancing Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Equality12 Steps to Advancing Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Equality 2013

Partner resources

Student-led dialogue on LGBT and Faith National Union of Students UK (NUS) — intersectionality, fostering good relations, tackling tensions, training (resources)

Sector project reports

Friends Centre: Promoting LGBT Equality — consultation, research, challenging homophobia, equality in the curriculum

Meeting the needs of LGB&T learners in Pennine Lancashire Accrington and Rossendale College — research, training, rural context

Project Empower, a free one-hour e-learning tool developed by Doncaster Group Training Association and Pinnacle Training Solutions.

To Monitor Or Not, Huntingdonshire Regional College’s project to create an inclusive and tolerant environment in which lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender learners felt comfortable to share their personal experiences.

Challenging occupational stereotypes, Kingston College’s project to challenge the gender and sexual orientation occupational stereotypes that school leavers may hold about roles within the aviation and hair industries.

Effective practice


Equalities Toolkit – case studies and resources for education and training providers